A. S. Prote Maritime Ltd


A. S. Prote Maritime Ltd is a private enterprise that provides security and consulting services, operating since 2013 in Athens, Greece as a subsidiary of the Cypriot A. S. Prote Maritime Ltd with the main purpose to provide consulting services to businesses or industries that are primarily related to the commercial shipping market and/or are active in the marine environment. It operates in the field of protection and security advisory services to merchants ships against piracy by introducing and implementing measures to increase their security and conducts tasks and management and/or support operations for merchant ships.
It also provides research and development services for multimedia product (interactive and/or non-interactive, with ether real-time and/or linear content development) for applications in the wider area of show business, the web, education and advertising, such as virtual reality, two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations, content for planetariums (Dometheatres), digital platforms as well as IT product research and development services.
Lately, it has expanded its business to the use of new digital technologies primarily, but not only, in marine areas, providing services:

● research and experimental development in geosciences and environmental sciences
● research and development of geoinformatics products, onshore and marine environment mapping, remote sensing and photogrammetry as well as environmental impact studies.

The company is staffed and cooperates with people with years of experience and applied know-how in all of the aforementioned fields.

Department of Marine Sciences

The Department of Marine Sciences of the University of the Aegean conducts research in various areas related to the marine environment, such as climate change, function and health of the ecosystem, fishing, aquaculture. It performs research in subjects such as marine resources, coastal zone problems such as coastal erosion and pollution as well as integrated management of coastal and marine areas based on a ecosystem approach.
The Department of Marine Sciences is housed in a newly built 5200 sq.m. building in the campus on the Hill of the University in Mytilene and is well equipped for high quality educational & research operation.
In addition to specialized biological, oceanographic, and hydroacoustic equipment for field research, available facilities include breeding sites for invertebrate and algae organisms, marine organisms and fish breeding laboratories for research purposes, as well as fully equipped Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Geology and Computer laboratories. The laboratories are staffed by technical staff, who supports the educational work and is tasked with designing and manufacturing experimental equipment.
The Department owns and operates a Research / Educational Boat short sea shipping named “Amphitritis”, designed and equipped to serve research activities in the coastal zone.