Project’s subject

The purpose of this proposal is to develop two different types of unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UASs). In the first UAS, the use of appropriate sensors and other recording instruments and their integrated processing system will be explored, with the aim of reviewing, recording and processing data. The end goal will be to identify various unknown "targets" floating in maritime areas, in order to avoid and prevent piracy on merchant ships. This system will be the "long-arm" of the private guards or/even the crews of the merchant ships. Ground control systems will ensure its remote operation and management at the operational level of the missions. Monitoring will rely on a combination of high spatial precision and thermal spectrum sensors. This information will be provided in real-time and in accordance with the operators’ requirements. The second UAS will be small, flexible and easy to use by non-specialists (merchant ship crew etc). It will be used in cases of piracy as a "rescue beacon". It will be deployed by its operators; in case the ship is occupied or is being occupied by pirates.


A. S. Prote
Maritime Ltd


A. S. PROTE MARITIME LTD is a private enterprise that provides security and consulting services, operating since 2013 in Athens, Greece as a subsidiary of the Cypriot A. S. Prote Maritime Ltd. Its main purpose is to provide consulting services to businesses or industries that are primarily related to the commercial shipping market and/or are active in the marine environment.

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Department of Marine Sciences

Τμήμα Ωκεανογραφίας και Θαλασσίων Βιοεπιστημών

The Department of Marine Sciences of the University of the Aegean conducts research in various areas related to the marine environment, such as climate change, function, and health of the ecosystem, fishing, aquaculture. It performs research in marine resources, coastal zone problems e.g. coastal erosion and pollution as well as integrated management of coastal and marine areas, based on an ecosystem approach.

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